Welcome to Ably Health

We’re a result-led health company driven by a passion for serving each individual we have the honor of working for on their way to reaching their goals to a healthier lifestyle.

Our mission is to create the tools needed to empower each individual struggling with overweight complications, chronic diseases and other health struggles to reach the health goals needed to enhance their quality of life and become free from comorbidities to live life to their fullest. 


 Ably Health uses their proprietary system and technology to attain results from an individualized approach designed to each individual’s needs and current health.

Personalized Program

Ably Health uses proprietary tools designed to meet each individual at their current health level and lifestyle.

Small Community Groups

Coaches can guide and motivate, but members joining together in small tight knit community groups can give powerful accountability and encouragement.

Individualized Nutrition and Exercise

Each member is guided on a program that is specifically created for their individual needs and lifestyle. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is any healthy lifestyle. We believe in changing lifestyle habits one at a time to make habits stick rather than overloading members with more than they can handle.

About the company

Ably Health began in 2012 when the founders Sel Edor and Samuel Jackson decided to use their talents to serve individuals struggling with health complications. Focused on caring for the individual’s ‘why’, they set out to create the most innovative and effective platform for individuals to overcome health struggles and live their life free from chronic diseases and overweight complications.

The mission of the company has and always will be the individual. Having the honor to be part of the story in an individual’s life change to be able to do their passion unencumbered by comorbidities is the founders passion at heart.

Throughout the years of working with individuals to reach their goals, (fill in content pertaining to the brick and mortar facility that lead to today’s Ably Health along with results that have been gained over the years.)

My Skill
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“Being able to serve others everyday is a blessing and should not ever be taken for granted. We ‘get’ to serve others with our God given talents and skills; it is the reason we push through risks and fight through challenges. We do not have the right to quit or to stop doing as hard as we can to love and serve each and every individual in our path.” 

— Samuel Jackson – Co-Founder


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