Focused on RESULTS


We are focused on real results to make real-life changes for each individual struggling with diabetes.

 Lower A1c

Dave – “One of the things that always kept me from doing a program like this is I never liked to workout, but I soon found out this was very much like having a personal trainer. In the first three months my average glucose went from 7.8 to 6. I’m a type II diabetic. I also lost 20 lbs and my glucose levels are excellent.” 


A1C levels


lost in two months

Emotional and Social Support

Sue – “I’ve never had a lot of success; my biggest fear was fear of failure. However, I had some really dangerous blood sugar levels last spring and I got really afraid about my health. I have a good friend who just encouraged me to come to UFIT and I did. And As a result I’ve lost 18.8 lbs and five inches around my waist and the benefit is I just really feel so much better about myself and I’ve met some really neat folks who come and we really encourage each other and it’s a great place to come.”


lost in four months


weight reduction


lost around waist

Increased Physical Activity

Celie – “I decided to join. Since then I’ve gotten stronger, I dropped some pounds, I can now hold my feet six inches off the ground until Sam says it’s time to let them go down and I walk out of here on my own power and I love it.” 


Physical Conditioning



Weight Loss

Elaine – “I didn’t think I wanted to come to UFIT because I didn’t think it would work for me, I thought I was a lost cause. …I took five shots a day for diabetes and they told me they could get me down to less shots and I didn’t believe it but I thought I would give it a try so I came and so far I’ve lost 49.6 pounds and six inches around my waist and I love the workouts and they taught me how to eat better and now everything is going good.” 


lost in four months


weight reduction


lost around waist

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